RGB LED Strip Controllers DC12/24V

RGB LED Strip Controllers DC12/24V

 BL-005N is a multi-function Touching RGB LED Controller. It adopts the most advanced PWM reomte control technology ,can control all the full color LED lighting with four lines three circuits(common anode),with more than 640000 combination colors and 15 auto light changing modes.it widely applies to RGB LED strip light,LED Module,etc

Technical Parameters(remote control):

1:Power supply: AAA battery * 3pcs

2:Cover Material:ABS

3.Fabrication processing: multicolour printing & UV varnish

Technical Parameters(controller)

1. Working voltage:DC12V/24V

2. Output control: 3 circuits(R/G/B)

3. Control current6A/circuit

4. Connecting mathod: common anode

5Wireless frequency433.92MHz

6. Receiving range:20meters

Functions of Keys

1. Key 1: on/off

2. Key 2: light changing mode(15 modes)

3. Key 3:color light/white light switching mode

4. Key 4: turn up(brightness/speed)

5. Key 5: turn down(brightness/speed)

. How to use

1. Press Key 1 to turn on/off in any state.

2. Press Key 2 to activate light changing mode, a new mode each press,15 modes in total.

3. Press Key 3 once to activate white light mode, changing brightness by pressing Key 4/Key 5. Press Key 3 twice to activate color light mode, changing brightness by pressing Key 4/Key 5 or changing light color by touching the color ring.

4. Resume fuction. The previous settings will be resumed while power on again

Product Origin: China 
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Brand Name: Brightlux 

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